Quick ideas for our Condiments

Quick ideas for our Condiments

Some great, quick ideas for using our Condiments:

Atkins & Potts special mustards are delicious in sandwiches, with pork pies and added to salad dressings.

Green Peppercorn sauce is exquisite in thick-cut beef sandwiches or with traditional sausages.

Enjoy Dill Mustard sauce with gravadlax, salads or as a dip.

Make a potato salad with smoked ham or tuna and Béarnaise Sauce.

Try Tartare Sauce in egg sandwiches or as a dip.

Seafood Sauce is perfect with fishcakes or in classic prawn cocktail, and is marvellous in egg sandwiches.

Add Horseradish Sauce to mashed potatoes.

Try Bramley Apple Sauce with sausages, roast pork or with a little cinnamon on pancakes.

Whip some Honeyed Cranberry Sauce into a smoothie.


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