Classic Condiments


A classic creamy sauce with tarragon, chervil and shallots. Traditionally served with steak, but also delicious over smoked fish, with cold meats or even in a potato salad with tuna or smoked ham.


Our Bramley Apple Sauce, made from Kentish Bramley apples from Fourayes Farm in the Garden of England, tastes just the way it should. Of apples. This classic condiment is traditionally served with roast pork, but try it with good herby sausages, with a little cinnamon on pancakes.


This is a traditional Dijon mustard with plenty of flavour and a good bit of mustard heat. An essential in all sorts of recipes, including dressings, sauces and marinades, it is also the perfect match for cheeses and cold meats.


The traditional accompaniment for gravadlax. This Scandinavian classic also works wonderfully well with egg sandwiches, salads and ploughman's, or even as a dip for crudités.


A properly peppery condiment with plenty of punch, this classic sauce is great with steak, duck or game dishes. It also works wonderfully well with traditional sausages thick-cut beef sandwiches.


A classic sauce with subtle butter and lemon notes. Traditionally served over asparagus and essential for eggs Benedict, it also works wonderfully with fish or steamed vegetables.


A deliciously fruity cranberry sauce mellowed with smooth golden honey. A perfect partner for festive turkey, or spread over a chicken breast, topped with a slice of Camembert and wrapped in filo. It also works perfectly whipped into home-made ice cream, or even in a smoothie.


With this horseradish sauce we are proud to have perfected the ideal partner for your roast beef. Delicately creamy at the outset, with the heat of fresh horseradish fighting through! Also fantastic with smoked fish, in mashed potatoes and with eggs.


This traditional mustard, made in keeping with the recipe of our Victorian ancestors, can cause the eyes to water. The indispensable accompaniment for beef and pork, pies and sausages, you can also use to add a kick to mayonnaises, vinaigrettes, and marinades.


Our mint sauce is made with fresh mint grown in Middlesex by the Williams family. The classic accompaniment to roast lamb, it can also be used to add flavour to gravy, soups, yogurt dips, Moroccan tagines and Middle Eastern dishes.


A fresh combination of zingy richness and sweet aromatic flavours. Fabulous with fish, fish cakes, or salmon filo parcels. The perfect dressing for classic prawn cocktail or crab and avocado salad. Exquisite in egg sandwiches.


Our tartare sauce is made with generous quantities of succulent gherkins and capers, with a little dill and a few shallots for extra depth. A classic accompaniment for fish and chips and seafood, it's also excellent in egg sandwiches or as a dip for your favourite crisps.


This pantry essential is a must with roast beef, and makes great vinaigrettes. Stir into creamy sauces to add an edge, or mix with honey and ginger to create a glaze for green beans. Superb with sausages and cold meats.



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