Relishes & Chutneys


A luxuriously rich chutney made by simmering dark plums in balsamic vinegar and adding a touch of spice. An excellent accompaniment to good strong cheeses and pâtés, this chutney is also a superb ingredient with duck.


A crunchy beetroot relish with the warmth of grated horseradish. This hearty accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses is also excellent with fish dishes.


Spread this gourmet relish over thinly cut steaks, roll, and then roast. Spoon into tarts or filo cases filled with goat's cheese and bake, or add to gravy or casserole for that special chef’s flavour and texture.


A luxury chutney distinguished by a subtle blend of spices and chilli. Excellent with cheeses, sausages, pies and pâtés. Essential at a barbecue.


Using premium Pedigree ale and British onions, this chutney is delicious with hot and cold meats and cheeses. Adds a gourmet twist to goat's cheese tarts and filo wraps.


A crunchy blend of red onions and white wine vinegar, invigorated by the blended warmth of red and green jalapeños. This relish adds spicy depth to sandwiches and cold meats. Great for glazing sausages, perfect for dipping tortillas and nachos, and essential at a barbecue.


The carefully blended spices and fruit in this innovative gourmet chutney add surprising and delightful flavour and texture to cold meats, cheeses and oatcakes. Also a good accompaniment to pan-fried duck breast, roast chicken and game.


This savoury yet fruity relish, which accompanies cold meats, pâtés and cheeses so well, also perfectly partners game, duck and haggis. Or try generously spooned into roast vegetables or feta tarts.


The traditional British accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses, with a gourmet twist. The finest freshest cauliflower, carrots, beans, onions and gherkins simmered in vinegar and Dijon mustard, with a pinch of crushed chillies, make a perfect partner for pies, pasties, quiches or Welsh rarebit.


A luxuriously rich chutney to partner good strong cheeses and pâté. Also spoon into tarts or open filo cases generously filled with goat's cheese and bake.



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