Syrups & Glazes


A glorious glaze, syrup and plate garnish. Once used, you will find it indispensable for all sorts of meal occasions. Try it drizzled over strawberries or Masala poached peaches with créme fraiche, or buffalo mozzarella and caper salad.


A fantastic glaze, syrup and plate garnish that once you have used will become a kitchen essential! Use for all sorts of meal occasions. Try drizzled over some Serrano ham with roasted peppers or goat's cheese and rocket.


An original syrup with that quintessential lavender aroma and flavour. Use to liven up salads, drizzle over yogurt or even ice cream. Flavour a brȗlée or meringue or even use as glaze. What about a bowl of sliced strawberries with a little chopped mint and our lavender syrup.


This syrup is based on the traditional syrup used in the Middle East to flavour a sweet and savoury dishes. Try drizzled over ice cream or sorbet, mixed with a little vinegar and oil over a warm shredded lamb salad or even in a sweet couscous with plenty of pistachios.


A fabulously fragrant syrup with a distinctive floral flavour. Exquisite on rice pudding or with sorbets and ice cream. Excellent with Middle Eastern stews and tabouleh along with north African tajines.


A traditional syrup with a unique sweet but sharp flavour. Try drizzled over meringues, rice pudding or panna cotta. Can also be diluted with hot water as a soothing drink when you have a cold.



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